ColorTAC™ CVA-14

Color Night Vision Module

Chromatra’s first product is called the ColorTAC™ CVA-14 Color Night Vision Module. Chromatra’s CVA-14 creates a full-color image from any PVS-14 Night Vision Device green, or white phosphor and greatly enhances their capability by producing a color image even at starlight levels.  The CVA-14 folds for easy storage and meets the same mil standards for drop and immersion as the PVS-14 technology is applicable to any image intensifier-based night vision device

The CVA-14 is a folding, clip-on accessory for standard monocular night vision devices. When mounted to a PVS-14, a user looking through CVA-14 will see a full-color image instead of the standard monochromatic green night vision image.

The CVA-14 device spins (2) two-channel polycarbonate filters in synchronicity, one filter positioned in front of the Night Vision Device objective lens, and the other filter positioned between the Night Vision Device’s eyepiece and the user’s eye. Looking through the spinning filter wheel, the user sees the short-wave channel represented by green light and the long wave channel with orange light.  With the correct split point (covered by our issued IP), the brain realizes that it is being shown data rather than a color image and it uses a Retinex process to create a full-color image for the user.  The ColorPath effect is robust. The CVA-14 provides a full color image down to starlight levels.  At lower light levels because one channel of the unique ColorPath system is unfiltered—a simple plus of a button converts the CVA-14 from providing a color image to a full performance monochrome image. Color returned with another button push.

Actual Imagery

               PVS-14                          |                          ColorTAC CVA-14

               PVS-14                          |                          ColorTAC CVA-14

The capability to see color at night enhances operational situational awareness, urgent combat casualty care, navigation/marking, and CT, MOUT, and marine operations. ColorTAC works with both green and white phosphor image intensification tubes, as well as infrared lasers and illuminators. 

The CVA-14 marks a revolution in nighttime operations for professionals and civilians alike.  Warfighters, law enforcement, and hunters can now see in the dark… in color.  The exponential increase in safety, target discrimination, and combat effectiveness cannot even be measured.  The world is in color: see what you’ve been missing.